Savory Chicken with Cashew Nuts

Savory Chicken with Cashew Nuts

kai phat met ma muang him ma phan


1/2       tablespoon small garlic, minced
2          tablespoons vegetable oil
300      grams chicken breast, thinly sliced
1          small onion,cut into pieces
1/2       cup cashew nuts, fried
1/4       cup dried spur chili, cut into 1 inch long and fried
1/4       cup spring onion, cut into 1 inch long
1          tablespoon fish sauce
1          teaspoon  oyster sauce
1          teaspoon  dark soy sauec
1/4       teaspoon sugar
1          red spur chili, diagonally sliced
            fresh coriander for garnish


  1. Saute the garlic in the oil oven medium heat until it is golden and fragrant. Add the chicken and fried until just cooked. Add the onion,cashew nuts, fried chili and spring onion and toss to combine.Season with fish sauce,oyster sauce,dark soy sauce and sugar.Turn off the heat.
  2. Dip out onto a serving dish. Garnish with chili slices and coriander before serving.
(Server 4)



Fish sauce : This salty liquid is made by fermenting fish with salt and allows to marinate for a year or so until all flesh are completely dissolved. Select one which made from anchovies and has a crystal clear brown color free from sediments.
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Light soy sauce: A salty brown liquid, select the first grade soy sauce that is tasty and high in nutrients. Light soy sauce fermented with sugar (not molasses) is recommended
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  Dark soy sauce: There 2 types available: salt and sweet.The salty dark soy sauce is made by fermenting light soy sauce unit it turns black the sweet one is made by fermenting light soy sauce with
molasses until it turns black and has a sweet salty taste.
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Seasoning sauce: This non-brewed soy sauce takes short production time by using chemical process to convert the protein in the soy into amino acids. Select the soy sauce that is high in protein and contains salt less than 20 %

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Oyster sauce: This thick dark brown sauce has sweet-salty taste. lt is usen in many stir-fry dishes.
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Fermented soybean: The soy beans are fermented with wheat flour and salt until they are soft and fragrant. It is used to enhance the salty and savory flavor. Use the fermented soybean that has bright color.
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Palm sugar: There are coconut and palm sugar. They are tenderly sweet with a unique aroma. Select the natural brown color without chemical additives added.
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Tamarind juice: It has the sweet and acidic taste of tamarind.Select the fresh reddish brown pulp.To use,mix the tamarind pulp with small amount of warm water, sieve and pour into the container.Keep in the refrigerator.
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Sriracha chili sauce: This sauce has a blend of hot, sweet, tangy,and spicy flavor.It made from hot chilies and garlic, seasoned with sugar,salt,and vinegar. The sauce is available in 3 styles: super hot, medium hot , and mild hot.
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Stir-frying is one of thai cooking techniquse which is very easy and very quick. It requires very few ingredients while the cooking technique is extremely simple. One can find Thai stir-fry in myriad styles, such as stir-fried vegetables, hot and spicy stir-fried meat, or stir-fried meat in sweet and sour sauce. Stir-fried Chicken with Hoy Basil is wonderful for its hot and spicy flavor from chilies and holy basil leaves. The King Prawn in Tamarind Sauce has a perfect combination of sweet , sour,and salty taste with the subtle flavor of tamarind that enhances the taste. Meanwhile, Stir-fried Beef with Oyster Sauce is flavorful from the use of oyster sauce as seasoning.Stir-fry dishes using curry pastes are also under this category.
The key to cooking delicious stir-fry dishes is the freshness and quality of the ingredients.All ingredients should be well selected and properly stored.In addition, the particular kitchen utensils- a wok and a stove-also play an important role in making a big difference to stir-fry dishes, both in appearance and flavor.

Herbs and Vegetables

Spring onion: This vegetable has apungent smell.Select the fresh stalks without bruises or yellow ends.

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 Coriander: The leaves have a cool aromatic fragrance. It is preferably used for garnish. Select the medium bunch with bright green leaves and without bruises.
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Chinese celery: This stalk vegetable with a pungent smell is in the parsley family.The fresh leaves and stalks are added to enhance a unique aroma, especially to reduce the odor of meat Select the young plants with bright green leaves.
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Small garlic:This kind of thai garlic has a strong distinctive odor. Select the bulb which has pinkish skin. Store by hanging or placing in a basket and keep in a ventilated area in order to prevent them from beging rotten or spoiled.
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Shallot: The essential oil in shallot has a sweet-pungent taste with spicy smell. Select the medium size with shiny violrt red skin
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Ginger: lt has a sharp pungent taste.The mature ginger is more aromatic and spicy than the young one.
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Holy basil: Having a sharp and spicy flavor,it is usually added in many spicy stir-fry dishes like phat cha and phat khee mao.Select the fresh leaves without bruises. The small leaves provide stronger aroma than the larger ones.

Sweet basil: This herd has green leaves and light purple stems and flowers. It has  subtle mint flavor and is normally used in spicy stir-fry dishes.Select the fresh and medium size
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Kaffir lime leaves: Its essential oil has a citrus aroma. Use the leaves that are not too young or too mature. Tear the leaves ans immediately add to food to retain its full fragrance.
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Hot chili: It has a small size but very hot so it is usually used in the hot and spicy stir-fry dishes.
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 Green pepercorns: Select young fruits which are still juicy as they give atender and hot flavor. The herb can be used whole or crushed.
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